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Vaccination Clinics for 5-11 year olds who are higher risk of Covid 19

Alder Hey will be hosting a Covid 19 vaccination clinic for 5-11 year olds who are considered at high risk of serious complications of Covid 19 infection in St. Helens.

The NHS is now recommending that children aged 5 to 11 who are considered at higher risk of serious complications of COVID-19 – or those who are household contacts of an immunosuppressed person – are offered two paediatric doses of the vaccine eight weeks apart.

Alder Hey will be holding a vaccination clinic on Saturday 19th February 2022 from 9am to 5pm.

If your child is eligible to receive a Covid 19 vaccination, you should receive a letter either from the NHS or your GP, inviting your child to take up the offer of a vaccine.

You will need to bring your letter with you when you arrive for your vaccination as proof you are eligible for a vaccination.

Children at serious risk from the complications of COVID-19 infection include those with:

  • severe neurodisabilities
  • immunosuppression* – those whose immune systems don’t work as well and those who live with someone who is immunosuppressed
  • profound and multiple or severe learning disabilities
  • being on the learning disability register
  • those with Down’s syndrome
  • those with long term serious conditions affecting their body.

 * Children with very severely weakened immune systems, may need an extra (third) dose from 8 weeks after their second dose.

Your GP will know if they need to have the vaccine. If you think your child should have a vaccine and have not received a letter from your GP inviting you to have one, then please contact your GP.

The vaccine is also recommended for those children living with people who have a weakened immune system (who are immunosuppressed). This is to reduce the risk of them passing on the infection to their family members.

People over 12 who are immunosuppressed will already have been invited for their vaccinations, Children 5-11 can have the vaccine to help protect them further.  Your GP may not know you have an immunosuppressed person living with children 5 – 11, so please come to our clinic for the vaccination if this applies to you.

For more information please refer to the leaflets below.

Alder Hey Clinic

St Helens Rugby Stadium (Totally Wicked Stadium), McManus Dr, Peasley Cross Ln, Saint Helens WA9 3AL

  • Dates: Saturday 19th February 2022
  • Hours: TBC
  • Please bring your invitation letter from your GP

More dates to follow.