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Back to school resources for parents and children

We know that for many, the thought of your child going back to school after months of being at home will be worrying. You may have concerns about what your child’s school day will look like and how they will cope with any changes, or you might be worried about how your son or daughter’s health and other care needs will be met while they are there and if they will be safe. Below are some useful resources for parents/carers and children.

You can find a host of useful videos, including hints and tips on dealing with anxiety, on our YouTube channel. Simply click the below link to watch now:

You can also watch a webinar from Emerging Minds entitled ‘Back to school after lockdown: school integration and youth mental health’ below: 


Ask how you child is feeling about returning to school.

Some children will be delighted to return and you can join with their excitement about all the things they are looking forward to.

For children who express concerns do your best to give an age appropriate response.

Children may have concerns about issues of safety. Offer reassurance about how the teachers and the other school grownups know what to do to keep everyone safe in school. Maybe mention their part in this such as hand washing and social distancing in schools.

You may ask an open question such as

“is there anything I need to know about you going back to school?”

“is there anything your teacher needs to know about you going back to school?”

If your child tells you about something they feel their teacher needs to know ask if your child wants you to talk to their teacher or does the child feel ok to do this their self. If your child does not have an answer to these questions it may be worth saying that you will let them think about this and ask again in a few day’s time.

Let your child know that you are available to talk about their return to school if they would like to.

Children who are particularly concerned may need you to talk through the school day with them and remind them how well they used to do before lockdown.  The may be keen to know who will drop them off at school and pick them up when they return to school.

Schools themselves are mindful that it may take some time to support all children to return to a psychological state where they can learn.